Cylinder Transport

Fire Systems Products offers specialised gas cylinder transport and delivery Australia-wide from our location in Sydney. Our services include gas cylinder exchange, gas cylinder-refilling or simple transportation of gaseous fire suppression cylinders. Additionally, we operate a fleet of trucks with specially trained and certified drivers who can deliver within our immediate service areas 24/7.

Fire Systems Products Gas Cylinder Transportation Truck

After Hours Cylinder Transport 24/7

By using our own custom built vehicles, our fleet is available at your service or for emergency 24/7 gas cylinder transport.

Fire Systems Products can organise the transport of your gas suppression cylinders to and from the site, and either assist your staff with the removal and installation. Alternatively, our technicians are available to disconnect and reconnect the cylinders.

Our team can transport your cylinders for Refilling, Exchange,  Hydrotesting, or for any other purpose. In addition, we can take care of the whole process and to get you up and running with minimal down time. Contact our Sale team for further information about our transportation services and competitive prices.

Customised Services

Fire Systems Products support for our fire industry partners is not limited to our list of services. We offer customised, flexible solutions. Whether it be removing cylinders from a site, limited access, relocation, decanting gas, cylinder exchange, refilling, or disposal. Contact us for further information.

Cylinder Transport Fleet

Fire Systems Products operate a purpose-built fleet of trucks to pick up and deliver gas cylinders of all types and sizes for exchange, refilling or hydrostatic testing. Our specially trained staff are qualified in the transportation of dangerous goods.

In addition, a key feature of our transport service is that we don’t require a loading dock at the point of delivery. All our trucks have a hydraulic tail lift, and all cylinders are carried in a stillage for safety.

Our Immediate Service Areas

Fire Systems Products regularly delivers gas suppression cylinders to sites in Newcastle, Canberra, Central Coast, Southern Highlands, Wollongong, Illawarra, and more from our Sydney warehouse. If you are located outside these regions, don’t hesitate to contact us for a transport solution.

We also regularly ship interstate through our trusted delivery partners, utilising our own stillages to Darwin, Perth, Hobart, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. If you are Interstate, we can organise delivery from our warehouse. We guarantee a fast turnaround, or we can store your goods until you require delivery to your project.

The safe handling and transport of gaseous cylinders is extremely important to avoid injury caused by the accidental discharge of gaseous cylinders during transport, whether by vehicle or manual handling.FPAA RD02 “Cylinder Safety (Transport) Caps”

Safe Handling and Cylinder Transport Preparation

The safe handling and transport of cylinders are important safety considerations with gaseous fire suppression systems. Cylinder safety (transport) caps are one of several safety mechanisms used to avoid accidental discharges.

You can ensure that you or your employees are capable and confident in the safe handling and transport of cylinders by undertaking relevant training. If these training and certification costs are too prohibitive, please get in touch with FSP for assistance transporting your fire extinguishing agents.

iFLOW Valve Technology Transport Cap

We recommend the following precautions:

  1. All persons handling Gas Suppression cylinders should hold Extinguishing Agent Handling Licenses (EAHL). If you don’t want this expense, Contact us.
  2. When installing cylinders. Do not remove the valve transport cap until the cylinders are secured by the iFLOW matrix container bracketing and ready to be connected into a completed pipework system.
  3. When removing cylinders from storage areas. Cylinders should not be moved or transported if they do not have the appropriate safety cap fitted. (See FPAA RD02 for example caps).

Our Cylinder Transport Stillages

We securely contain our gas suppression cylinders in stillages for transportation. Fire Systems Products can supply stillage’s to all our customers with every transport to assist you with a seamless changeover.

We provide our customised stillages to interstate customers to safely transport cylinders. We offer these on a deposit based system or as a purchase, depending upon project requirements. Our Stillages are high quality products, designed and manufactured in Australia.

If you’re working with us on an exchange basis, we can provide the exchange cylinders in one of our stillages via one of our dangerous goods transportation companies.

Our Transport Staff

Fire Systems Products is a licensed dangerous goods carrier. Our staff hold Extinguishing Agent Handling Licences (EAHL). This enables us to transport Ozone Depleting Substances and Synthetic Greenhouse Gases (ODS and SGG) Fire Gaseous Suppression system cylinder when required. Call Fire Systems Products to discuss your options.

Our Company

Fire Systems Products is a holder of an Extinguishing Agent Trading Authorisation (EATA) permit. We can safely transport, relocate, reclaim and dispose of your gas fire suppression agents.

Fire Systems Products is a Sydney based wholesaler and authorised distributor of many gaseous fire suppression systems and agents. In addition, we offer many gas suppression related services to support fire protection businesses.

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