Exchange Cylinders

Fire Systems Products offer a comprehensive iFLOW cylinder exchange program Australia-wide from our Sydney warehouse, with delivery possible 24/7. Our iFLOW exchange cylinder service allows customers to get operational quickly and effectively with minimum downtime and stress. In addition, Fire Systems Products can also provide iFLOW refill services for customers wishing to keep their original bottles.

INERGEN 300 Bar with iFLOW Exchange Cylinders

If you are an end-user, our specialist staff will work together with your chosen fire solution provider to ensure you receive the best solutions promptly. In addition, we also provide transportation services with flexible delivery hours to suit your business requirements.

iFLOW Services

If you are a fire systems contractor maintaining an iFLOW Gaseous fire suppression system that has recently been released or discharged, call Fire Systems Products now or Email our sales team for the best prices on iFLOW Exchange cylinders and containers transportation services. We stock INERGEN and most gas suppression agents and are on call 24/7 to get your customers back up and running with minimal downtime. 

Contact Fire Systems Products to discuss your options:

Regardless of the arrangements, the minimum we need is:

Fire System Products stock most cylinder valve overhauls kits and adaptors. We believe we offer the most competitive prices in the industry on iFLOW Technology. If you need an exchange cylinder service, either on an emergency or routine basis, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the various options.

After Hours Exchange Services

Fire System Products can supply after-hours and Emergency iFLOW Exchange and Replacement services with after-hours delivery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7). We understand the demands of the fire services industry, we provide flexible solutions to suit the customer’s hours of operation.

iFLOW Cylinder Delivery Services

Fire Systems Products operate a fleet of customised trucks  to pick up and deliver gas cylinders of all types and sizes for exchange, refilling or hydrostatic testing. Our specially trained staff are qualified in the transportation of dangerous goods.

We have delivered iFLOW Exchange cylinders to customers securing assets such as:

Read more about FSP’s Gaseous Fire Suppression transport services.

Fire Systems Products also provides fast INERGEN iFLOW refill cylinder service for customers where the extended outage of their systems is not a concern. In that case, our team can organise to transport and refill the INERGEN cylinders as a priority and get you working asap. Fire Systems Products stock iFLOW valves and have a supply of exchange INERGEN iFLOW Cylinders ready and waiting for delivery to you.

In addition, Fire Systems Products can arrange Hydrostatic Testing re-certification of INERGEN IFLOW cylinders to extend the usefulness of containers nearing their lifespan. After the testing and re-certification, we can optionally refurbish the cylinders, including respray.

INERGEN 300 bar with iFLOW Valve, connected cylinders.

In most cases, we can organise next-day delivery through our dangerous goods delivery trucks or our trusted delivery partners.

All cylinder transportation requires stillages and safety caps. Fire Systems Products can supply stillage’s to all our customers with every transport to assist you with a seamless changeover. Furthermore, our Stillages have been designed to be easily hoisted by crane or fork-lift trucks.

Fire Systems Products’ offers reliable and experienced engineering team can design and deliver new and expanded iFLOW installations. Our management team has a combined 60+ years of experience providing quality fire systems solutions to end-users. Furthermore, we have fostered industry partnerships that enable our engineers to receive regular product training and certification.

In addition, Fire Systems Products, can provide you with a required annual Room Integrity Test service to comply with regulatory requirements.

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