iFLOW Cylinder
Transportation 24/7

Only personnel who are adequately trained and certified should engage in the transportation and handling of iFLOW cylinders. This precaution is essential because of the hazardous nature inherent in dealing with these extremely high-pressure vessels. Fire Systems products transport iFLOW cylinders on a daily basis from Sydney with our custom-built fleet of gas cylinder deliver vehicles. We deliver interstate and Australia-wide using our trusted transportation partners.

INERGEN gas cylinder transportation

Customer-focused services

The major benefit of Fire Systems Products’ in-house cylinder transport services is our versatility Because we are a one-stop-shop, our specialist staff can arrange the transport of your cylinders to and from the site and assist your technicians with the removal and re-installation. Alternatively, we can take care of the entire process and get the iFLOW systems back up and running in the shortest time possible.

Fire Systems products can supply new iFLOW cylinders or exchange iFLOW cylinders. Our exchange service will assist in minimising the risks associated with extended downtime of the fire protection system that preserves your customer’s high-value critical assets. Alternatively, we can remove your iFLOW cylinders for a refill and return them to the site as a priority. However, this can take time and requires multiple visits to the site, resulting in multiple or extended outages of the iFLOW suppression systems.

iFLOW Cylinder Transportation Service Area

We provide in-house transportation to customers within an approximate 4-hour drive. This covers from Newcastle to Canberra, including Greater Sydney, Southern Highlands, Wollongong, Central Coast, and many more. We operate our fleet from two specialized distribution centers in Sydney, utilizing trucks purposefully designed for our operations. If you are outside these areas, don’t hesitate to Contact FSP to transport your iFLOW cylinders.

Fire Systems Products has provided dangerous goods delivery services to many leading fire protection companies throughout the greater Sydney region and such end-users as Sydney Ports Authority, Qantas and Sydney Water Authority.

For customers located Interstate or beyond our immediate service area, we take charge of organizing delivery through our network of dangerous goods transport partners. Additionally, we will accept your delivery at our Sydney warehouse. We can arrange a fast turnaround, or alternatively, we can retain your iFLOW cylinders until they are needed for your project.

When you are out of our service area and working with us for new or exchange iFLOW cylinders, the cylinders will be provided in one of our stillages via one of our selected dangerous goods transportation partners.

After Hours iFLOW Cylinder Transportation 24/7

No job is too big or too small, too late in the evening or early in the morning.

Fire Systems Products is available for after-hours or emergency 24/7 iFLOW cylinder transport. We can pick up and drop off your cylinders at the requested locations at a time that suits your project.

Our Dangerous Goods Transportation Trucks

Fire Systems products operates a customised fleet of trucks for delivery into our service area. We also maintain close working relationships with several specialised delivery companies, with regular deliveries throughout Australia for deliveries outside our service areas.

Our Specially designed fleet of trucks has hydraulic tail lifts, which allows delivery of iFLOW cylinders without requiring a loading dock.

Our Stillages

Gas suppression cylinders with iFLOW Technology, must be appropriately prepared for transportation. Fire Systems Products supply stillage’s to all our customers with every transport to assist you with a seamless changeover.
Our stillages boast a design that facilitates effortless hoisting, either by crane or fork-lift trucks.

Fire Systems Products can provide our customised stillages to interstate and out of service area customers to safely transport cylinders. We offer these stillages on a deposit based system or as a purchase, depending upon project requirements.

Fire Systems Products transport stillages

Our Company

Fire Systems Products is a distributor and supplier operating a fleet of trucks with specially trained and certified drivers who can deliver gas cylinders 24/7 within our service areas. Fire System Products partners with the incumbent fire systems company to ensure customers get the best service and systems possible. Our versatility has allowed many fire companies to expand their offerings to customers.

At Fire Systems Products, we provide full-service, customer-focused services and products. We utilise our in-house transportation and testing facilities to support our fire industry partners. We offer the fire industry many services, including; disconnection, transportation, reclamation / decanting, hydrostatic pressure testing, re-certification, refill & recharge and reinstallation gas suppression services and products.

On site

Once on-site, we can either:

Our fire protection company clients occasionally required us to remove their cylinders from a site. We can also decant and dispose of them or relocate them to another facility.

The safe handling and transport of gaseous cylinders is extremely important to avoid injury caused by the accidental discharge of gaseous cylinders during transport, whether by vehicle or manual handling.FPAA RD02 “Cylinder Safety (Transport) Caps”

Safe Handling and iFLOW Cylinder Transportation Preparation

The safe handling and transport of cylinders are important safety considerations with Gaseous Fire Suppression systems. Cylinder safety (transport) caps are one of several safety mechanisms used to avoid accidental discharges.

You can ensure that you or your employees are capable and confident in the safe handling and transport of cylinders by undertaking relevant training. If these training and certification costs are too prohibitive, please get in touch with Fire Systems products for assistance transporting your fire extinguishing agents.

iFLOW Valve Technology Transport Cap

We recommend the following precautions:

  1. All persons handling Gas Suppression cylinders should hold Extinguishing Agent Handling Licenses (EAHL). If you don’t want this expense, Contact FSP.
  2. When installing cylinders. Do not remove the valve transport cap until the cylinders are secured by the iFLOW matrix container bracketing and ready to be connected into a completed pipework system.
  3. When removing cylinders from storage areas. Cylinders should not be moved or transported if they do not have the appropriate safety cap fitted. (See FPAA RD02 for example caps).

If organising your own iFLOW cylinder transport, be aware:

  1. Do not attempt to move iFLOW cylinders unless fitted with correct transport caps and anti-recoil caps.
    1. Damaged cylinders or valves are hazardous. We reserve the right to not accept damaged items due to the risk this poses to our staff during handling.
  2. The valve transport cap must not be removed during installation until the cylinders are secured by the iFLOW matrix container bracketing and ready to be connected into a completed pipework system.
  3. Transportation of cylinders must be only be in industry-standard pallets (stillages).
  4. If transporting upright, no more than 45% of the height of the cylinders may protrude above the stillage top rail.

Our Transport Staff

Fire Systems Products has the appropriate trained and licensed dangerous goods transportation drivers and partners. We can easily handle your iFLOW cylinder transport needs Australia-wide.

FSP holds an Extinguishing Agent Trading Authorisation (EATA) permit, and our staff hold Extinguishing Agent Handling Licenses (EAHL). We are available to transport and relocate a good deal of Ozone Depleting Substances & Synthetic Greenhouse Gases (ODS & SGG) Gaseous Fire Suppression cylinders for our fire industry companies when required. Contact Fire Systems Products to discuss your options.

For more information about iFLOW cylinder transport.