Extinguisher Fire Classes
A B C D E F (K) for Australia

Most documentation produced by manufacturers specifies which Extinguisher Fire Classes can be used with Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems, but rarely which country these Fire Classes are from. It is generally, but not always the case, that US Fire Classes are specified; occasionally, EU classes are used. So we are providing the following table to assist with translating these technical manuals into Australian Standards.

Flames – Fire Extinguisher Classes
AAAOrdinary combustibles such as wood, paper, fabric, and most kinds of trash.
BBBWhere the fuel is a flammable or combustible liquid.
CCBWhere the fuel is a flammable or combustible gas.
DDDCombustible metals – especially alkali metals like lithium and potassiumalkaline earth metals such as magnesium, and group 4 elements such as titanium and zirconium.
E?CPredominantly involving electricity.
FFKInvolving cooking oils and fats

Fire Classes in use around the world.

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