iFLOW Valve Technology for
INERGEN Gas Suppression Systems

iFLOW valve technology allows higher pressure (300 bar) cylinders to be used for denser agent storage whilst maintaining lower discharge pressures. iFLOW enhances existing INERGEN (IG-541) inert gas suppression systems, allowing gas suppression designers to increase the gas suppression protected area without requiring larger cylinder storage space.

INERGEN 300 Bar with iFLOW Technology. Racked and connected

iFLOW Valve Technology 300 Bar INERGEN IG-541

A typical inert gas system discharge produces a high flow rate and introduces gas into the manifold at the container storage pressure. In addition, this flow rate and pressure determine the protected area venting requirements and, in turn, the pipe specification. The iFLOW valve can reduce the flow rate and pressure entering the manifold. Therefore, this reduced flow rate and pressure can contribute to smaller diameter pipework and reduced pressure relief venting.

Figure: iFLOW Chart of Flow Rates versus Discharge Times

iFLOW Chart of Flow Rates vs Discharge Times

The Inergen iFLOW valve Technology innovates upon other INERGEN systems to allow higher pressure (300 bar) cylinders with lower discharge pressure. Therefore, low pressure means decreased piping size, complexity and cost. INERGEN is a colourless and odourless clean agent that leaves no residue.

The iFLOW valve technology enhancements

Three main features:

  1. The iFLOW® regulated flow valve reduces the peak pressure and flow rate, massively reducing piping costs and complexity. It regulates the flow at a nominal pressure of 60 bar (870 psi) in the 300 bar (4350 psi) system. Meanwhile, maintaining the ability to achieve 95% of the system design concentration within 60 or 120 seconds.
  2. The iFLOW® horizontal check valve minimises installation time by facilitating the interconnection of containers. Certainly, in many cases, eliminates the need for a discharge manifold.
  3. The iFLOW® matrix system offers design flexibility and adaptation to complex architectural spaces. Compared with traditional racking, the matrix system allows storage containers to be positioned in conventional rows or around objects, providing more flexibility during installation and quicker removal of containers from the bank during recharge and maintenance.

iFLOW Specifications

INERGEN iFLOW Cylinder and storage sizes

INERGEN iFLOW 300 bar cylinders allow for compact storage when compared to other INERGEN systems. This requires less storage space whilst achieving design concentration within an acceptable timeframe.

INERGEN iFLOW Technology Fire Classes

INERGEN iFLOW suppresses Class A, B and C fires.

Environmental Credentials

INERGEN iFLOW has no Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and no Global Warming Potential (GWP).

INERGEN iFLOW conforms to ISO-14520 (Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems).

What is the iFLOW valve technology?

iFLOW® technology is an INERGEN (IG-541) and IG55 300 bar & 200 bar Inert Gas Fire Suppression System that provides a regulated discharge rate using the iFLOW® valve. This valve technology allows for higher storage pressures (up to 300 bar) whilst maintaining lower discharge pressures (~60 bar), requiring smaller piping, reducing overall costs and storage are requirements.

How can iFLOW valve technology help my facility?

If renovating or building, iFLOW Technology can provide the same coverage for your gas suppression system. Subsequently, reducing agent storage area footprint, allowing greater utilisation of space within your facility for the things that matter.


iFLOW Valve Technology

Fire Systems Products is a licensed distributor of iFLOW Technology. We provide iFLOW products and services to the fire industry.

iFLOW® is a registered trademark of TYCO

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