Sapphire (Novec-1230)
Gas Suppression System

Commercially known as Sapphire. Sapphire Novec-1230) is a synthetic total flooding gas suppression system that utilises 3M’s Novec-1230 fire suppressant agent to protect critical and high-value assets. Novec-1230 is stored as a liquid but vapourises into a gas 50 times fast than water, causing a rapid drop in temperature, cooling and suppressing fire without leaving a residue.

ANSUL Sapphire NOVEC-1230 Gas Cylinder

In a Sapphire (Novec-1230) total flooding system, the fluid (Novec) is stored as a liquid in cylinders pressurised with nitrogen. Meanwhile, Automatic detection sensors trigger release at an early stage, extinguishing a fire within seconds.

How does Sapphire (Novec-1230) suppress fire?

Like other halocarbon halon alternatives, Novec extinguishes principally by removing heat from the fire. Similarly upon discharge, Novec 1230 fluid creates a gaseous mixture with air. This agent/air mixture has a heat capacity much larger than that of air alone. Indeed a higher heat capacity means that the (Novec+Air) mixture will absorb more energy (heat) for each degree of temperature change it experiences.

The amount of heat the fire loses to the surrounding atmosphere increases with the presence of the Novec agent. Specifically at the system design concentration, the Novec agent/air mixture absorbs sufficient heat to upset the conditions required for combustion to occur/continue. Consequently, this causes the combustion zone to cool to the point that the fire extinguishes.

Diagram: Fire Tetrahedron

Environmental Credentials of Sapphire (Novec-1230)

Novec 1230 does not deplete ozone (ODP of 0) and has a Global Warming Potential (GWP of 1) (over 100 years), equivalent to that of carbon dioxide. Hence, it has a very short estimated atmospheric lifetime of ~ five days.

Storage Container Sizes Available

Sapphire Novec-1230 is available in many sizes and pressures. The below table lists those generally available for new or exchange from FSP:

Seamless ContainerWelded Container
Size (Litre)Size (Litre)

If your size isn’t listed above, contact us for more details.

Chemical Substance Names

Typical Applications for Sapphire (Novec-1230)

Novec 1230 fluid can effectively be applied in total and localised flooding, inerting and explosion suppression applications in the following areas:

Frequently Asked Questions on Saphire Novec-1230

Does Novec-1230 have Ozone-Depleting Potential?

Novec-1230 has no discernable Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and has low (<1) Global Warming Potential (GWP). As a result, Novec-1230 is not mandated for regulatory phase-down and is not a Scheduled Extinguishing Agent, making it a greener solution than halon systems. Thus, offering a sustainable environmental profile no synthetic halocarbon agent can match due to the low ecological impact and atmospheric lifetime (five days).How does Sapphire & Novec 1230 fluid work?

Novec 1230 fluid vapourises 50 times faster than water and cools much more efficiently. This rapid cooling drops the temperature within the protected area, resulting in fire suppression.

What Assets can Sapphire (Novec-1230) protect?

Sapphire (Novec-1230) is designed to replace Halon 1211Halon 1301 and dry chemical fire suppressants. Therefore Sapphire (Novec-1230) can be safely used within Data Centres & Telecommunication hubs, Oil & Gas Facilities, Museums & record-keeping facilities, Marine Engine rooms, Jet & Aeroplane engine protection and more.

What other commercial names is Novec-1230 known by?

Novec-1230 is also known as Sapphire System.

In this video, you’ll see a controlled test of a fire in a simulated data centre. Watch to compare the performance of Novec 1230 fluid to a water sprinkler system.


Sapphire PLUS – 70 Bar gaseous Fire Suppression System

Fire Systems Products only use 3M branded Novec-1230. We will always provide Australian standards-compliant or industry-standard products and brand names.


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